Accelerated Diagnosis. Increased CPAP Compliance.

We offer an innovative solution that accelerates diagnosis, increases CPAP compliance, and supports end-to-end patient care management. As a result, unmitigated sleep ailments could be reduced by as much as 80%. Our unique platform integrates with over 150 systems, providing users with a simple integrated interface.


Workflow Automation

The Somnoware platform automates workflows at sleep centers and for physicians. This results in a significant reduction in the time to interpretation and enables better patient care.

Somnoware Platform

Key Features

Our platform includes a rich set of features for sleep centers and physicians.

Sleep centers can easily schedule in-lab and home tests across various facilities. They can quickly configure devices and track inventory.

Physicians have easy access to test results and CPAP adherence data through any web browser. They can also use the system to increase therapy compliance.


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