Improving Physician-Patient Relationships

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141.jpgBased upon a recent Cleveland Clinic survey1 sent to 1,019 adult patients—roughly 50% of them want to improve their relationship with their primary care physician (PCP). 85% of them said that their physician often frustrates them and nearly 50% said that they usually have a long wait time before seeing their physician.

Wait times for new appointments can range from weeks to months due to physician shortages and by researching what is causing delays, practices can see patients sooner. Below are additional results received from conducting the survey: 1-3

  1. 62% said they deserved a better experience at the doctor's office considering the cost.
  2. 51% believe that their relationships with their doctors could be better.
  3. 25% said they would be happier if their physician expressed empathy more.
  4. 13% of them think that by having a direct line of contact with their physicians would make them feel more positive about the doctor-patient relationship.
  5. 12% stated they had to provide the same data several times to their physician.
  6. 11% said they lied to avoid hearing a lecture and 8% lied to avoid feeling judged.

Streamlined electronic medical records (EMR) and smoother use of the team-based model can help resolve these redundancies. Patients believe that knowing about their broader wellness plan would make 12% of them feel a stronger bond with their physicians. Patients want to be more engaged in setting and following through with their health goals. Physicians need to demonstrate that they care about their patients’ well-being by being more transparent and making sure that their patients fully understand why they are receiving specific care plans.

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