DANA POINT, CA, June 26, 2023 — Somnoware Healthcare Systems, the leading cloud-based platform for enhanced respiratory care management, announces the release of a deeper integration that enables Somnoware to be used within Epic.

“This integration helps physicians accelerate the sleep and respiratory diagnostic and care management process—from sleep and pulmonary function testing to therapy ordering and adherence monitoring,” said Subath Kamalasan, Somnoware CEO.

Deployed by hospital systems, including Kaiser Permanente, the integration allows Somnoware’s platform to be used within the EHR, enabling Somnoware to be quickly accessed alongside other clinical data.

“Somnoware’s integration saves clinicians time because they no longer have to navigate outside of their EHR to streamline diagnostic testing and monitor PAP therapy adherence,” said Andrew Plourde, Somnoware Head of Product. “The integration provides access to Somnoware’s platform from one place without the need to navigate between multiple applications.”

More information about Somnoware’s EHR integration can be found on the Epic Connection Hub.

Streamlined Diagnostic Workflow

The integration minimizes toggling between applications by consolidating platforms and data. Somnoware’s integration provides seamless cross-platform access to patient demographics, history, appointments, insurance, notes, interpretation reports, and raw data.

When diagnostic tests are ordered in the EHR by clinicians, Somnoware automatically creates a patient chart via HL7. Not only is a patient chart created but also scheduling is automated and diagnostic test results can be accessed quickly.

Interpreting physicians can now more quickly access Somnoware to interpret the results of diagnostic tests.

Somnoware integrates with all major home sleep testing and attended PSG systems, including but not limited to WatchPAT, Nox T3, Alice NightOne, Polysmith, Easy III PSG, Natus SleepWorks and Alice 6.

Interpreting physicians can navigate to patients that are pending interpretations and finalize studies which are then sent directly to the EHR.

The ability to access Somnoware within Epic speeds up the sleep study interpretation process for physicians. Users have direct access to features in Somnoware that accelerate the diagnostic process. For example, Somnoware’s interpretation logic helps expedite reports, and preconfigured report templates make report generation faster.

“Somnoware’s integration also reduces the time and effort for managing DME orders,” said Kamalasan. “Orders automatically go straight to Somnoware’s DME portal to access within seconds.”

Easier Access to Patient Therapy Data

Users can also access patient therapy data in one place. Somnoware integrates with connected patient monitoring and therapy devices and extracts data. Integrated datasets help users track and improve medication adherence, discover new insights, and create strategic intervention plans.

“Physicians get quick visibility into patient PAP therapy data from all major manufacturers,” said Kamalasan. “Fast access to PAP data enables remote patient monitoring during the critically important initial stage of PAP therapy. Somnoware can also automate interventions to quickly help patients with therapy onboarding which can lead to improved adherence. All this can be done directly within Epic.”

Accessing patient therapy data in one platform saves the time and hassle of logging into multiple third-party applications.

“This gives physicians more time to care for patients and focus on improving patient health,” said Plourde. “User feedback on the new integration has been positive all around. Every opportunity to provide physicians more time with patients is a win.”

About Somnoware

Somnoware is a cloud-based platform for enhanced respiratory care management. The platform orchestrates data flow between disparate medical devices, unifies datasets within a single platform, and delivers high-impact analytics. The platform enables screening, faster diagnosis, proactive intervention, and automated patient engagement, resulting in improved treatment outcomes. Learn more at

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