Press Release: Itamar Medical WatchPAT PlatformSomnoware, a leading provider of digital health technology, announces that Itamar Medical® WatchPAT™ home sleep testing devices are now available with the Somnoware sleep management platform. This announcement represents the joining of two leading products in the sleep industry—Somnoware’s powerful cloud-based software with Itamar’s ubiquitous WatchPAT home sleep testing device—to provide greater value to customers.

By using the Somnoware platform, physicians can now email a questionnaire to their patients prior to their appointment. This questionnaire aids with insurance pre-authorization and physicians can identify the risk of sleep apnea prior to their appointments, so that they can send patients home with a study device. By obtaining all contextual data in advance, physicians can quickly generate and electronically sign an interpretation report, and place a DME order with a single-mouse click.

The underlying technology that enables Somnoware’s integration with WatchPAT and other similar devices is a browser-based plugin called Somnoware Sleep Device Interface (SDI). Once this plugin has been installed on a computer, an MA can directly checkout a patient simply by plugging a WatchPAT device to their computer and automatically export the study data to the cloud. Once a patient’s study data is uploaded, the device automatically becomes available to a new patient. When a report is ready for interpretation or delayed, an instant notification is sent. Physicians, as a result, can quickly read diagnosis and titration reports, and implement strategies for increasing therapy adherence—improving long-term patient care.

“We are very excited about our integration with Itamar Medical. This enables healthcare professionals to spend more time taking care of patients and less time transferring data,” says Suresh Kodoor, Assistant Vice President of Engineering. “With our cloud-based platform, physicians can review sleep study reports, PSG charts, and therapy adherence at any time—even during their one-on-one patient visits.”

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