Press Release: New Cloud-Based Video StorageSomnoware, a leading provider of digital health technology, announces the addition of secure cloud-based video storage capability to its sleep health management platform. With the addition of this new capability, sleep wellness centers can now store all their sleep test data in the cloud—resulting in substantial reductions in IT infrastructure costs.

This solution provides physicians with anytime, anywhere access to this data to support accelerated diagnostics and patient care. Sleep labs typically record and store clinical sleep study videos for at least 30 days, with each video taking almost a gigabyte of storage space. Maintaining and storing these videos and other study data on local servers represents 15-20% of the total operating cost of a sleep test facility. With the Somnoware platform, this cost can be reduced by over 90%. Instead of searching for content across multiple hard drives and backup devices, personnel can quickly search and access files in the cloud from any device.

Somnoware also provides automated backups and synchronization resulting in greater peace of mind. The new cloud-based video storage capability makes it easier for sleep centers to obtain American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) accreditation. It allows sleep centers to easily meet accreditation requirements for data storage, accessibility, and post-processing in the native test application. Availability of raw video data in the cloud enables physicians to visually verify the validity of the sleep test by checking for fallen off sensors, strange patient movements, and sleep talking during the study.

“Sleep centers today are under intense cost pressure with falling utilization rates. Using cloud-based storage in Somnoware, sleep centers can drive down costs and drive up profitability,” said Subath Kamalasan, CEO of Somnoware. “This is another evidence of our commitment to bringing down healthcare costs using digital health technology.”