Press Release: Welltrinsic Sleep Network PartnershipSomnoware Healthcare Systems, the leading provider of cloud based software for the sleep wellness and sleep medicine industry, has reached an exclusive agreement with Welltrinsic Sleep Network, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) funded national network connecting sleep physicians and accredited centers to deliver high-quality, integrated care for individuals with a sleep-wake disorder.

The arrangement expands Somnoware’s portfolio into the rapidly developing value-based care space, which helps insurers, health care systems, large employers and managed care groups ensure patients across the country receive coordinated, outcomes focused care from leading sleep providers. Welltrinsic’s exclusive partnership with Somnoware means Somnoware’s integrated platform will collect all diagnostic, therapeutic, and quality data in one secure database, allowing extensive outcome measurement and reporting.

“We’re joining forces to help the industry implement value-based care systems, as opposed to fee-for-service systems. That’s a big part of the ACA,” says Mathew Mammen, Somnoware co-founder and chief strategy officer. Mammen is enthusiastic about the power of scale Welltrinsic offers. “When we work in siloes, the field pays the cost for it. This is an opportunity for the industry to come together to raise the bar.”

Dr. Lawrence Epstein, President and CEO of Welltrinsic, commented, “We expect the integrated system developed by Somnoware to improve efficiency and workflow for the physicians and sleep centers to reduce time spent on data collection, reporting, and paperwork.” Epstein adds, “Somnoware’s data management platform will improve the communication and integration required to interact with accountable care organizations and large consolidated healthcare systems that are evolving because of the ACA.”

As national healthcare reform continues to drive the consolidation of patient care systems and the creation of new physician payment models, the Welltrinsic Sleep Network will ensure that the value of care provided by sleep specialists is enhanced and accessible to the estimated 70M Americans who suffer from sleep problems, among whom nearly 60% have a chronic disorder. Somnoware is unique in sleep medicine as it is a SaaS (software as service) that can connect every device and stakeholder, in addition to providing data collection and analytics.

Welltrinsic members will need to implement Somnoware in their practices. Sleep physicians can enroll for free membership to the Somnoware and Welltrinsic network. Membership enrollment for accredited sleep centers is coming soon.

About Welltrinsic Sleep Network

Welltrinsic is a national network connecting sleep physicians and accredited centers to deliver high-quality, integrated care for people with a sleep-wake disorder. Welltrinsic is a single solution linking clinical expertise, practice development, patient management, data collection and outcome reporting, and insurance contracting. Welltrinsic offers a full range of services for sleep physicians, sleep centers, and managed care organizations.