Somnoware Healthcare Systems, the leading cloud-based platform for enhanced respiratory care management, announces the release of DME Manager.

Somnoware’s DME Manager connects referring physicians and DME providers through one unified platform making it easy for both physicians and DME providers to track actions on referrals and streamline patient care.

With Somnoware’s DME Manager, referring physicians place orders that sync between the physician and DME provider in one digital platform. Using the platform, DME providers can view all orders and their statuses. Actions taken on orders are tracked and viewable by both the referring physician and DME provider in the DME Manager platform.

“Physicians often struggle with visibility into patient care once referrals are placed. Similarly, DME providers face the challenge of keeping referring physicians informed about the care of each patient,” said Andrew Plourde, Somnoware Head of Product. “Somnoware’s DME Manager solves this problem by providing visibility into patient care and keeping everyone in the loop.”

The transparency created though DME Manager, helps both physicians and DME providers. Referring physicians can access a wide range of DME providers, digitally submit referrals, and track communication. DME providers can manage orders in one platform, reduce paperwork, and streamline processes to help boost efficiency.

“Ultimately, the ones who benefit most are patients,” said Plourde. “And that’s the mutual goal that we all share. By streamlining the referral process, physicians and DME providers save time so everyone can focus on patient care. The enhanced visibility created with DME Manager helps facilitate care coordination so everyone can work together efficiently for the benefit of patients.”

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