Somnoware Healthcare Systems, the leading cloud-based platform for enhanced respiratory care management, announces the release of its new Care Management Platform.

Somnoware’s Care Management platform aggregates patient therapy data and automates interventions, helping integrated delivery networks, home medical equipment providers, and independent diagnostic testing facilities streamline the clinical triage process and monitor treatment progress.

“The current status quo of patient follow-up to resolve therapy non-adherence can be defined as inefficient and fragmented,” said Andrew Plourde, Somnoware Head of Product. “Somnoware’s Care Management flips that narrative completely. The platform allows clients to administer clinical tracking and follow up of their patients on connected PAP therapies and ventilators and intervene at any point in their journey.”

Care Management connects with patient monitoring and therapy devices and extracts data which is aggregated into the platform. This data can then be used to automate interventions and prioritize clinical triage for support staff.

Driven by an intelligent rules engine, patient follow up tasks are prioritized so clinical support teams can easily determine priority work items and easily resolve therapy disruptions and non-adherence issues. The rules engine not only prioritizes tasks but also automates interventions. The rules engine can trigger live or video calls and automate actions such as SMS, email, questionnaires, and videos to engage patients and improve outcomes. Any educational materials from a user’s training library can be sent to patients.

“Care Management removes the guesswork,” said Plourde. “Realistically, clinical support staff can determine which patients to follow up with and resolve issues with a few clicks, and you’re on to the next patient. There is no searching, manual data review, maintaining spreadsheets or logging into multiple applications. Everything needed for clinical triage is served in one place. The platform conforms to your needs and prompts the user on which patients need assistance, when they need it, and what materials or education would best serve the patient.”

The release of the platform comes packed with new features. Care Management connects with popular predictive dialers and is designed to help to improve operational efficiency, reduce clinical support staff idle time, boost productivity, and standardize clinical approaches for repeating problems. Patient record tags can be applied automatically and/or added by users manually to further refine the patient experience and sensitivity of support interactions. Detailed reporting and dashboards provide performance metrics for a complete view of results.

“Care Management is designed to help make it easier for clinical support staff to do their job,” said Plourde. “All they need to do is login and click ‘Get my task.’ That’s it. The platform is designed to conform to your specific clinical directives. Clients can make their own rules, and our solution helps automate, organize, and direct help where it’s needed most. Onboarding staff is made much easier with a solution that clearly identifies where they need to focus and offers recommendations to solve the issue.”

Care Management tracks AHI, leak, and utilization, helping users draw conclusions and target interventions that improve both adherence rates and patient health. Patient populations can be analyzed based on data collected from the ordering doctor, diagnostic testing results, in-home medical devices, and changes in the patient’s health over time. Detailed reports of patient interactions can be automatically sent to electronic health record systems allowing referring providers easy access to status updates and notifications for achieving therapy goals. Care Management also provides insight into staff performance metrics to identify trends and maximize team effort.

“Care Management is designed so that no patient is left behind,” said Plourde. “By making the clinical triage process easy from start to finish, patients can improve adherence and get the life-altering treatment they need.”

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