Somnoware Healthcare Systems has been recognized as “Best Sleep Diagnostic Platform” by Global Health & Pharma as part of the 2023 Global Excellence Awards.

Recipients are identified by Global Health & Pharma’s in-house research team based on …

• Positive reviews & testimonials for the company, products, and services
• Previous accolades, achievements, and industry standing
• Significant company developments and expansions
• Contracts, products, and services that are influencing the industry
• Charity work and community involvement

About Somnoware

Somnoware is a cloud-based platform for enhanced respiratory care management. The platform orchestrates data flow between disparate medical devices, unifies datasets within a single platform, and delivers high-impact analytics. The platform enables screening, faster diagnosis, proactive intervention, and automated patient engagement, resulting in improved treatment outcomes. Learn more at


Frank Holman, Director of Marketing
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