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"Latest research in sleep physiology has revealed the importance of sleep in our lives. Physicians now know that sleep is an active, dynamic state that is critical to our normal motor and cognitive function. However, this knowledge has not translated to measurable outcomes in our ability to diagnose and treat sleep disorders timely and effectively. I believe that technology enabled by clinical interoperability and data analytics is the key to improving awareness about sleep disorders and patient care.

One major challenge in Health IT is interoperability, the lack of which costs the healthcare industry $63B annually. With over 15 years of experience in the medical device industry, I joined Somnoware to solve this problem and enable clinical data integration into a standardized platform. So far, we have focused our effort primarily on clinical device integrations.


The Somnoware platform is currently integrated with all major diagnostic and therapy devices in the market. It powers sleep labs across the country in automating the clinical workflow and providing decision support to clinicians. We are also working on defining a harmonized standard for clinical data integration to create a platform for seamless interoperability.

We are currently living in the age of digital health disruption. Consumer wearable devices with embedded sensors enable continuous monitoring and transform diagnosis from symptoms driven to active monitoring providing personalized alerts for disease risk. At Somnoware, our goal is to integrate with this ecosystem of wearable devices, enable interoperability, harness machine learning and clinical data analytics, and provide personalized diagnosis to augment clinical support. This change will help in the effective utilization of the limited clinical resources and cause an acceleration in diagnosis.

I believe that effective treatment is a key piece in improving health outcomes and especially due to the nature of sleep disorder therapy, behavior change is critical to ensure patient compliance. Patients armed with timely, personalized information that’s relevant to their physiology is critical in maximizing the effectiveness of treatment. At Somnoware, patient enablement is our vision and one that has our ongoing focus on as technology continues to play an increasingly important role in healthcare.

The vision at Somnoware is shared and shaped by my personal ambition to use technology in innovative ways to improve the quality of human life. My name is Jinesh Jain and I love working as the Director of Clinical Technology at Somnoware."

To learn how Somnoware helps facilities automate their testing processes, obtain predictive insights, and drive greater patient engagement, please select this link.

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