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Spotlight: Discover the Beginning of Somnoware

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Mathew Mammen, VP of Product Engineering, explains why the Somnoware platform was created in this video. Click the red button to view the video on our YouTube channel"I’m the Head of Product and Technology for Somnoware. I’ve been in the software and sleep medicine field for the last 15 years. In 2012, I got into sleep medicine on accident. What I saw in sleep medicine is that the care is highly fragmented, the physicians don’t have all the data they need to take care of their patients.

We were managing about five sleep centers across three states and we were seeing a high volume of patients and these patients needed hand-holding and education about their condition. While they were diagnosed, a very high percentage of them weren’t compliant to therapy. Soon I understood that if we must solve this problem, one where the care is highly fragmented due to which providers are spending a very high amount of time on providing care to one patient, while the patients are also having a very poor experience. Soon I understood that we had to solve the problem using data.

The providers didn't have the data and the providers didn't have the tools to provide appropriate care to the patient. So, we started developing a product—a software, basically, for our own needs. To solve this problem, we created a software platform that could bring data from all diagnostic devices, this would essentially make the operations of a sleep diagnostic center better. A sleep diagnostic center is a lab or an overnight facility where you would go to get tested for sleep apnea.

Our initial software product was to improve the operations of a sleep diagnostic center because I felt that was needed because we had to move from paper to digital technology to provide the foundation for the next level of experience for the physicians and for the patients. Once we did that we could provide the right data to the physicians. We’re at the right time to provide that sufficient care in a very short amount of time—a fraction of the time that they were previously taking.

Soon we realized that data is extremely important in solving the problem, but we didn't have the data. None of the sleep centers in the US had the data in the format that it could be used by the physicians to provide that efficient care, so we had to start our journey by digitizing the sleep centers’ operations so that we would have the right data.

At the time we started, having device interoperability was a dream. While we knew that device interoperability was extremely expensive for the US healthcare systemit was still a dream. We started off by interoperating with the devices in sleep medicine, and that gave us the data along with the digitization of the operations, that gave us the data that was needed to make the diagnosis faster for the physicians."

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Rene Varro

Written by Rene Varro