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Spotlight: Improving Patient Care with Data

[fa icon="calendar"] May 16, 2017 4:25:16 PM

My name is Raghu Kotha and I'm a Senior Product Manager at Somnoware. I've been working within the life sciences and healthcare domain for the past decade, solving complex data and process challenges through creating innovative products that are simple to use. I believe that this is the era of developing innovative technologies and making data-driven decisions to significantly improve patient care and outcomes management. 

In early 2006, I visited a pharmaceutical company based in New Jersey and was fascinated by the amount of time that was spent on completing tedious tasks, such as preparing regulatory documentation on paper.

This made me think about how technology can play a big role in transforming the life sciences and healthcare space so that companies can actually focus on their core business model.


For six more months, I researched drug discovery, clinical research, new drug approval processes, and time to market, as well as learned about how patient care is provided within the healthcare spectrum. During that time, I realized my passion for using technology to enable better patient care as well as for bringing better drugs into the market faster. Previously, I worked at healthcare companies where the customer was trying to evaluate a technology partner to solve their process needs and often the options were very limited when compared to any other domains.

My focus at Somnoware will be to leverage current technology and data trends towards our strategic goal of improving patient enablement while also focusing on building a better user experience. I'm confident that in the near future, technology will enable providers, payers, and medical device manufacturers to work towards improving patient care in a more streamlined fashion.

To learn how Somnoware helps facilities automate their testing processes, obtain predictive insights, and drive greater patient engagement, please select this link.

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