Respiratory Chronic Care Management. Transformed. 

Somnoware enables COPD and sleep apnea care providers to reduce cost and improve patient outcomes. Our software platform provides workflow automation, care management, and population risk analysis.


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Somnoware offers an integrated, end-to-end platform for complete respiratory healthcare management. Workflow automation at test labs enables faster diagnosis. Context-aware patient care management reduces hospital admissions and drives better therapy adherence.

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It used to take me over 2 weeks from the date of study to make a study billable. I am down to 3 days! I attribute that to Somnoware's streamlined processes.

Lea M. Desmarteau CEO, Well Necessities

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Sleep Center Dashboard

Faster COPD & Sleep Apnea

Our platform completely automates the process of conducting a diagnostic test. Scheduling is a breeze, inventory is never idle, physicians get instant access to test results, and therapy ordering is a one-click process.

Experience how Somnoware results in greater efficiencies and accelerated diagnosis of respiratory ailments. 

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Patient Care Chart

Superior Outcomes

Physicians get up-to-date information on hospital admission and CPAP compliance. They have the ability to monitor trends and drill down on individual patients. As a result, we see a 66% reduction in hospital readmissions and 25-30% increase in therapy adherence. 

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Somnoware for

Instantly access pulmonary and sleep test data online in one standard format.

Streamline workflow with interpretation report templates, e-signature, and one-click CPAP therapy ordering.

Stay up-to-date with real-time CPAP adherence, hospital admissions / readmissions, comparative benchmarking, and predictive insights.

Receive pre-diagnosis information with estimated likelihood and severity of COPD and sleep apnea.

Use electronic questionnaires to track patients across diagnosis and therapy.

ROI Sleep Center

Somnoware for
Sleep Centers

Automate two-way EMR data exchange, schedule patients for in-center or HST, and place DME orders.

Easily manage patient groups, multiple locations, and device inventory.

Securely store full sleep study recordings with video in the cloud.

Use customizable reporting templates for intuitive data visualization and achieve better outcomes.

Connect, organize, and analyze all clinical data in one secure database to expedite AASM accreditation.

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A unique respiratory management platform that enables proactive identification of at-risk individuals and better management of diagnosed patients. Using Somnoware's end-to-end workflow automation and prognostic patient care management, healthcare systems can achieve up to 5x acceleration in time to diagnosis, 1.3x increase in PAP therapy effectiveness, and 66% reduction in hospital readmissions.

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