Case Studies

Somnoware Case Studies

Learn how diagnostic testing facilities are using Somnoware to streamline workflows and drive greater patient therapy adherence. Dive into how they’re using the platform to get better patient outcomes.

WellStar Health System

“Since deploying Somnoware, we have been able to grow at twice the planned rate while saving over $1,560,000 in costs per year. Our ROI analysis shows that this impact can be directly attributed to the Somnoware deployment.”

Thomas Arrington

Thomas Arrington

Executive Director, Sleep Medicine

Carolinas Healthcare Systems Sleep Medicine

“We found a solution that did everything all on one platform — from the scheduling of patients through automating sleep studies to bringing DME referrals in-house to improving compliance. Somnoware is a potential game-changer for us. It will allow us to make decisions on how we care for patients based on data — not what we think or what has always been done in the past.”

Michael Stolzenbach

Michael Stolzenbach

CHS Assistant Vice President

Mosaic Life Care

Not only did Somnoware eliminate the need for physical on-site storage, but it also removed the need for a VPN, all while enabling physicians to work remotely from different locations. Mosaic Life Care was able to cut their diagnosis time by over 50%. In addition to being more efficient, patient outcomes improved as well.