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Join the Future of Sleep Health Management

Accelerate diagnosis and increase therapy adherence with Somnoware.

See how a leading healthcare system is using our platform to shorten the treatment window and boost CPAP compliance.

1 in 5
Sleep Physicians in the U.S. currently use Somnoware.


Accelerate Diagnosis

Our platform completely automates the process of conducting a sleep study. Scheduling is a breeze, inventory is never idle, physicians get instant access to test results, and DME ordering is a one-click process.


Experience how Somnoware results in greater efficiencies and accelerated diagnosis of sleep ailments. 

Somnoware for


Instant, web-based access to sleep test reports in one standard format across all devices.

Rich contextual information with interpretation report templates, e-signature, and one-click DME ordering.

Up-to-date CPAP adherence data on all patients, diagnosis and titration information, and predictive insights.

Pre-diagnostics information with estimated likelihood and severity of sleep apnea.

Increase Therapy Adherence

Physicians get up-to-date CPAP compliance data with the ability to monitor trends and drill down on individual patients. As a result, we see an average increase of 25-30% in therapy adherence. 


Contact us to schedule a demo of our therapy adherence capabilities.

Somnoware for

Sleep Centers


Single screen for scheduling, moving patients between AST / HST, group scheduling for multiple center locations, and therapy ordering.


Automated processes for pre-population of EMR data, device inventory management, loss prevention, and barcode based management.


Secure cloud storage of all study data and complete video recordings.


Flexible reporting templates for intuitive data visualization, web-based report generation, and centralized data view for AASM accreditation.

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