Somnoware Care Management

Somnoware Care Management

Boost adherence and optimize outcomes

Get all your patient therapy data in one place and automate patient engagement.

Care Management

Somnoware Care Management

Automated patient engagement powered by data

Somnoware Care Management is a cloud-based platform that uses data mining and predictive analytics to estimate the risk of non-adherence. This information is then used to enable better strategies for therapy adherence. Quickly identify patients at risk of non-adherence for easy follow up. Use a robust mix of interventions including text messages to improve outcomes.

All patient data meets here

Somnoware provides a longitudinal view of patients from screening through the lifetime of therapy. The platform connects with patient monitoring and therapy devices and extracts data. Integrated datasets help you track and improve medication adherence, discover new insights, and create strategic intervention plans.

All PAP data meets here
A complete picture of your patients & staff

A complete picture of your patients & staff

Dashboards aggregate data giving you newfound insights into adherence and exacerbation risk. Analyze populations based on risk, new- or re-hospitalization, change in diagnosis, and more. Automatically segment your patient population based on algorithm-calculated cohorts. View staff performance metrics, identify trends, and maximize team effort.

Data is securely stored

Data is securely stored

FedRAMP authorized

Somnoware is the only FedRAMP-authorized respiratory care management cloud platform. FedRAMP authorization offers assurance that your data is safe and has met security controls, procedures, and policies established by the Federal Government.

SOC 2 compliant

SOC 2 is a security framework often used to comply with HIPAA and GDPR. Meeting these standards is further proof of our commitment to your data security.

Stratify risk in real time

Somnoware’s population module shows patients with sleep disorders and chronic respiratory diseases categorized by risk score and status. Automatically identify at-risk patients, improve therapy adherence, and reduce hospital readmission using Somnoware’s rules engine. Somnoware creates escalation tasks (live call events) alerting clinicians to follow-up.

Identify at-risk patients in real time
Target patients to help them with therapy

Provide personalized care

Somnoware’s algorithms predict therapy non-adherence and exacerbation risk, helping clinicians draw conclusions and target interventions that improve adherence and prevent hospitalization. Populations can be segmented into disease complexity cohorts for strategic prioritization. Define treatment plans and enter notes for personalized patient engagement.

Improve patient health

Somnoware creates automated tasks to follow-up with patients who are non-adherent to therapy/medication or have low FEV1 scores. A custom rules engine can trigger live or video calls. The rules engine also automates actions such as SMS, email, questionnaires, and videos to engage patients and improve outcomes.

Improve treatment outcomes
Track therapy progress

Track therapy progress

Get a 360-degree view of each patient’s treatment progress and adherence. Track AHI, leak, and usage for all PAP device manufacturers and models. Produce detailed reports of patient treatment history that can be sent to your EMR automatically. Generate program performance metrics, including CPAP adherence trends, long-term and short-term CPAP adherence rates, and cohort analysis.