DANA POINT, CA, June 28, 2023 — Somnoware Healthcare Systems Inc announced today that the company is partnering with React Health to integrate data from React’s connected PAP devices into Somnoware’s new Care Management platform.

The integration will enable PAP therapy data to be displayed in Somnoware’s Care Management through connecting to iCodeConnect, React’s cloud-based platform for clinicians to gather patient compliance data.

Care Management connects with patient monitoring and therapy devices and extracts data which is aggregated into the platform. This data can then be used to automate interventions and prioritize clinical triage for support staff.

“We’re pleased to announce our integration with React Health,” said Andrew Plourde, Somnoware Head of Product. “This collaboration allows us to enhance the clinician and patient experience. The integration seamlessly captures and analyzes data from React’s connected PAP devices to help enable streamlined workflows through Somnoware’s Care Management. By harnessing the power of device connectivity, we are transforming the way sleep apnea patients are managed.”

Care Management users can continue to access all the platform features and integrations but now with React device data integrated into the platform as well.

Somnoware Care Management

Care Management aggregates patient therapy data and automates interventions, helping integrated delivery networks, home medical equipment providers, and independent diagnostic testing facilities streamline the clinical triage process and monitor treatment progress.

Driven by an intelligent rules engine, patient follow up tasks are prioritized so clinical support teams can determine priority work items and easily resolve therapy disruptions and non-adherence issues.

The engine not only prioritizes tasks but also automates notifications, such as triggering live or video calls, sending SMS or email notifications, distributing questionnaires or educational materials, and even sharing instructional videos from the user’s training library.

Care Management tracks key metrics including apnea-hypopnea index (AHI), leak, and utilization, enabling users to derive meaningful insights and target interventions. By analyzing data collected from various sources, including ordering doctors, diagnostic testing results, in-home medical devices, and changes in a patients’ health over time, it empowers healthcare professionals to evaluate patient populations effectively.

Detailed reports of patient interactions can also be seamlessly integrated into electronic health record systems. This allows referring providers to access status updates, notifications, and progress towards therapy goals effortlessly. Additionally, the Care Management platform provides valuable insights into staff performance metrics, identifying trends to optimize team efforts.

“We are excited to continue to offer customers solutions they seek and want. The collaboration with Somnoware to offer the data our products provide will be a win for the entire continuum of care and the patients who receive treatment through our products and services,” said Tom Pontzius, President, React Health.

“Somnoware continues to innovate and bring unique solutions to their customers, providing needed visibility to allow for improved patient outcomes while providing care teams the needed information to allow them to provide the best care possible, for each patient, individually. We are pleased to participate and offer another solution to help our customers reach their goals and objectives around the high quality of care expected through our integration into Somnoware’s Care Management Platform.”

About Somnoware

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